Construction Documentation

Obtaining professionally prepared construction documents are crucial to the success of any building project in St. Augustine. Organization is key and Surage and Associates will provide you with accurate and superior architectural documentation. This detailed paperwork will offer many advantages and will play a big role in the success and proper management of your commercial and/or residential developments. You may not realize it, but appropriate paperwork and documentation makes a huge difference in construction work.

Necessary Documents for Construction in St. Augustine

The proper documents are compulsory when it comes to attaining a building permit. In addition, neglecting or forgetting to submit the accurate construction forms will likely result in some serious construction delays; not to mention possible fines. In order to avoid these types of annoying and unnecessary problems, you may want to get some professional support in regards to your construction project. The best way to avoid delays, added fees and countless minor issues would be to hire Surage and Associates. We offer you the help you need, with handy services that include:

  • Thorough assessment of needs and standards to ensure highly accurate in-house drawings
  • A well-defined work schedule
  • Systematic reviews at various stages of the project
  • Quality check on final drawings

Professional Building Guides

Once you’ve settled on the design for your project and the details and work have been completed and approved, Surage and Associates will then prepare the construction drawings and specifications. This step will serve as the ultimate user guide for the builder; who must then establish the construction costs based on the aforementioned documentation which reflects your specific requirements.

Our commitment to our customers guarantees that from the first meeting through to the delivery of your construction documents; Surage and Associates will apply only the highest standards for accuracy and proficiency. We are extremely detail oriented and will make sure every last feature is up to your standard.

We go beyond the industry norm and offer you only the greatest quality. Whether you require services from the start of a project, or at any stage during the process. Our team of experts ensures that the contractors and builders on your site are provided with clear and definitive directives as a way to avoid miscommunication and possible blunders.

Our simple and concise instruction will transform your vision from the design stage to a finished home or commercial building. We see the project through with you to guarantee your satisfaction. Our professional building guides will make sure that all of your hard work comes to fruition! We care about our clients and work very hard at helping them attain their desired results.

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